Vabilo na Tourism & Travel Show Albania

datum: 10.08.2022

kategorija: Intranet novice

 Dear Sir/Madame,


We would like to invite you to share the information with all the interested parts at the “TOURISM & TRAVEL SHOW ALBANIA”, Regional Tourism Offer that will take place on October 14-15, 2022, at Palace of Congresses, Tirana. The exhibition offers a business communication platform for the most important local, regional and international actors in the tourism industry.


Tourism tends to be seasonal at a global level but this feature is particularly strong in our region where travel for leisure and holidays, more concentrated during the summer period, accounts for more than 80% of the Region's international tourism compared with 70% worldwide. An ideal strategy to reduce seasonality would be to encourage business tourism, given that trade fairs and congresses tend to be held in the autumn.

That’s why we have proposed this autumnal trade fair, as an B2B event, to be designed as the next meeting point for the professional and byers form all over the world that are interested in our common destination product.

The most important trends and developments shaping of the sector will be covered. Visitors will discover how to access free travelling package from the national tourist sellers, how to secure off-peak bookings, and how to strategies for long-term growth. Meet & Match section or Hosted Byers Program we will bring about 100 professional buyers from around 50 countries, interested in the regional product, Albanian and regional sellers as well as bloggers, influencers and decisional institutions from the region. In addition, a widespread convention section will be held during the two-day exhibition and it will be organized of various topics from local and international speakers.


Tourism & Travel Show 2022 will be organized by Iceberg Exhibitions, a Trade Fair and Exhibition Organizer which is is presented by Iceberg Communication that is one of the first innovative and integrated advertising and communication agencies founded in Tirana, 1999. For more than two decades, it has been a determinant actor of enormous changes in the event management industry. Iceberg Exhibitions is committed to invest energy and passion toward helping businesses and people grow continuously welcoming a New Era of Exhibitions. Iceberg Exhibitions is incentivized by a pool of experts in the B2B event management sector with a distinctive service-based background. The valuable expertise in strategic marketing consulting, public relations, advertising (both traditional and digital) will be a strong asset on moving toward organizing trade fairs and exhibitions based on a business-to-business approach.


Hope welcoming you soon at TTS, Tirana 2022!




Arben Oshafi

Managing Director



Str: Tish Daija | Kompleksi KIKA 2 | Tirana, Albania

M:+355 69 40 63909