“Your nest can turn into your world. “ (Alma Karlin)


Today the whole world resides in out nest! In ZTAS we are travellers, who count down the moments until our next adventure. In ZTAS we are enthusiasts, to whom tourism represents a life credo. Whenever we talk about moments, when we were swept off out feet by a Parisian café, the Berlinese extravaganza, the Cairo chaos, the Spanish passion, the Japanese Zen, the American wholeness and perfection, the Cuban solidarity, the Russian soul ... we realise that something special unites us. We live with tourism and for tourism. When the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia was established almost fifteen years ago, it comprised 12 members. Today the ZTAS unites 50 agencies already, and altogether we produce three fourths of the agency income in Slovenia.

United we know and manage to do more

In 2009 Slovenian tourist agencies organised travels for 724.000 home guests (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia). Slovenians like to travel and we, the Slovenian creators of tourist itineraries, connected in the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia, strive towards an open mutual discussion. On the field of the tourist market we might really be competitors, however in the ZTAS dressing room we are really one team with the same goals: to raise the business excellence and integration, to ensure quality, to monitor and co-create the legal and institutional basis for operation, to encourage proper education, to estimate the market situation, to strengthen ties with foreign related associations, and – perhaps the most important symbolically – to raise the reputation of the tourist industry, which we correlate to Esperanto, the “lingua franca” of the 21st century.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Among the most important chapters of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia founding documents we can find the ZTAS Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which lays down a professional and ethical commitment of tourism organisers to provide for the safety and the wellbeing of the guest. The final satisfaction with the service is the highest value and mission of the ZTAS members.

When you go on a journey, come and tell us...        

In tourism we have a cosy relationship; therefore communication between the association and its members is fast, clear and reliable. The ZTAS is a bridge between the tourist agencies and the public sphere, which determines the business environment. After 15 years ZTAS is a strong and respected association with representatives in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia, in the Slovenian Tourist Board and in the International Air Transport Association;

The Ministry of the Economy and its independent Directorate for Tourism form the institutional frame, which is constantly monitored and modified by the ZTAS. Furthermore the ZTAS receives a daily fresh package of news from Brussels, which the Association serves to its members, since in Valencia in 2008 the Association of Tourist Agencies of Slovenia has been solemnly accepted in the ECTAA, the European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators Association.

In fact it is always significant for us, that our nest is the whole world. When we arrive, depart and come back again, we never land in the same place. It is changed, we are changed. And this is the biggest attraction, isn’t it?

Your ZTAS 


Rules for the Admission to ZTAS

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